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Swiss Butchery - Merry Christmas 2018

Dear Valued Customers, Please find our Christmas catalogue 2018 below. For faster checkout, simple download - Swiss Butchery on (App Store or Google Play). Cheers, Swiss Butchery   

Meat Knowledge - All About Beef 1.0

All About The Beef Grades First let’s talk about the different grades of beef. There are many beef grading systems around, but we will be focusing on Australia’s Meat Standard system (adopted by Swiss Butchery). Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a grading system designed to identify quality beef, based on the various factors to determine the quality of beef. The system is tuned to the taste and preferences of consumers through a stringent consumer study with over 100,000 participants and rating 700,000 beef samples. This study give farmers the information they need to produce the best quality meat in line...