Kagoshima A4/A5 Wagyu - Striploin サロイン


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Kagoshima has become the number one producing area of Wagyu Beef in Japan with its fertile land, abundant wild grasses and clean water. Much time is taken, working 365 days of the year to diligently nurture each and every cattle. Today, this is the most delicious king of Wagyu, the Kagoshima Japanese Black. Please enjoy top class marbled beef - fine tender meat quality and muscle fibre with an ideal balance of interwoven fat.


  1. Shelf Life: 5 Days
  2. Condition: Chilled (4°C)
  3. Origin: Japan
  4. Brand: Swiss Butchery
  5. Recommendation: Karubi, Yakiniku, À la minute steak
  6. Per Unit Weight: Approx. 160g - 180g Each

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