Frozen Cooked Vannamei Prawn HOSO 21/25 1KG

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Frozen Cooked Vannamei Prawn HOSO 21/25 1KG

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Vannamei prawns has a natural mild sweet flavour and firm texture that is versatile for all kinds of cuisine. Each box contains approximately 25-30 pieces of medium sized prawns with a net weight of approximately 750G after defrost. A popular item on the buffet spread counter, this succulent crustacean undergoes stringent quality control and are fully cooked under HACCP certified food safety regulations, making it easy for your meal preparation.

Ensure prawns are fully defrosted and it is Ready-to-Eat. It can also be warmed up by Steam, Boil, Stir-Fry or use in Hot Pot.

Keep frozen at -18C. Do not refreeze once thawed.

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