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Chinese New Year Goodies


Hand-made Chinese New Year Goodies, best as gifts or shared with your loved one during this festive season. 

Available Flavour are as below: 
- Bamboo Charcoal Eggroll
- KimTin Egg Roll 
- Mini KimTin Egg Roll 
- Kueh Bangkit
- Pineapple Ball
- Eggroll Triangle 
- Shrimp Roll
- Golden Pillow 
- Salted Egg Fish Skin 
- Salted Egg Fish Skin (Spicy) 
- Almond Cookies
- Peanut Cookies
- Cashewnut Cookies
- Red Velvet Cookies
- Almond Crips
- Pumpkin Seed Crips 
- Honey Chicken Floss Crispy Roll 

Limited quantity available, while stock last! 



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