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The CasusGrill has gone through rigorous testing to have been developed into a 100% natural single-use grill. The grill is made from bamboo & the charcoal is made from quick oxylite bamboo charcoal briquettes, it is also lined with lava stone that both retains heat and reduces the risk of burn. 

The grill is quick and easy to use, ready in approximately 5 minutes and retains heat for 60 minutes or more. It creates a high and even temperature distribution that ensures your food is properly cooked with that crisp BBQ finish. 

The CasusGrill is perfect for that no frills no fuss BBQ gathering. 


  1. Shelf Life: Approx 2 years
  2. Condition: Room temperature
  3. Origin: Denmark
  4. Brand: CasusGrill
  5. Recommendation: Outdoor BBQ
  6. Per Unit Weight: Approx. 1000g Each

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