Sturgeon Caviar "Premier" 28.6G

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Sturgeon Caviar "Premier" 28.6G

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Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii)

The grain size is about 2 mm. Glossy, with a translucent cover. Colour varies from grey to brownish. The taste is delicate, pure and fresh, with light «nutty» aftertaste.

  • Non-pasteurized. 
  • Serves 1 - 2 people.
  • Ingredients: sturgeon caviar, salt, sorbic acid.
  • Shelf life: 12 months (-2 to -4 °C.)
  • Exp.Date is imprinted on the side of the lid.
  • Necessarily store in the refrigerator.
  • Consume within 1-3 days after opening.
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • All Caviar Shipped in a Secure Thermo Beg with Ice Packs to Preserve Freshness, Good for 24 Hours Transit Time. 

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