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34. Fuyu (Cash & Carry)

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  • Salmon Sushi (9pcs)
  • Maguro Sushi (5pcs)
  • Hamachi Sushi (4pcs)
  • Ebi Sushi (3pcs)
  • K'appa Maki (6pcs)
  • Salmon Aburi Maki (8pcs)
  • Tamago (2pcs)
  • Chuka Wakame (3pcs)

Sushi Platters are only available for self-collection at Taste Food Market, 118 Holland Ave #B1 Singapore 278997


  1. Shelf Life: Once open consume immediately
  2. Condition: Chilled (4°C)
  3. Origin: Singapore
  4. Brand: SENS Sushi & Grill
  5. Recommendation:2-4pax 
  6. Per Unit Weight: Festive Set (weights shown are before cooking)

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