32. Natsu (Cash & Carry)

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Avocado Maguro Maki (8pcs)

Soft Shell Crab Maki (8pcs)

California Maki (8pcs)

Salmon Maki (6pcs) 

Kappa Maki (6pcs)

Maguro Maki (6pcs)

Hana Sushi (4pcs) 

Hamachi Sushi (4pcs)

Maguro Sushi (4pcs)

Tamago Sushi (2pcs)

lkura Sushi (2pcs)

Hokkigai Sushi (2pcs)

Ebi Sushi (2pcs)


  1. Shelf Life: Once open consume immediately
  2. Condition: Chilled (4°C)
  3. Origin: Singapore
  4. Brand: SENS Sushi & Grill
  5. Recommendation: 4-6pax 
  6. Per Unit Weight: Festive Set (weights shown are before cooking)

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