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19) 禄 Lu Status (Set B)

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Includes: (Serves 4 - 8pax)

  • US prime short rib Shabu-Shabu (150g)
  • BR pork belly Shabu-Shabu (300g)
  • Iberian pork collar Shabu-Shabu (300g)
  • TH raw vannamei prawn PDTO IQF 21/25 (500g)
  • Japanese scallops yorokobi (500g)
  • Half shell scallop with roe (500g)
  • Lobster whole 200/400 (1pc/pkt)
  • Fish ball with fish roe (190g) 
  • Cheese fish tofu
  • Cuttlefish ball with squid ink (160g)
  • Lobster ball (190g)
  • Shinsen TH kanifumi crab stick (500g)