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Meet the Masters


The Swiss Butchery Family

Our great Team is what sets us apart. At Swiss Butchery we are proud to be able to serve with a wealth of knowledge and passion for meat and cooking. It is the people behind the counter, in production and behind the desk that enable us to provide you with such great products and service. 

Mr. Andrew King - Master Butcher (Australia)

Andrew King is a master butcher with 37 years’ experience of in the retail scene. He was trained in Sydney, Australia for 25 years and has since nurtured more then 30 butcher apprentice to lead butcher level. Started from the paddock through slaughtering, processing and wholesale he has a vivid eye for meat merchandising


Mr. Matthias Orth - Master Butcher (Germany) 

Matthias Orth is a Master Butcher and Food Production Manager with over 35 years of professional experience. Matthias operated family-owned company in Germany for over 20 years. Since 2009 based in Asia, managing and producing for several meat processing facilities. Experience in all kinds of halal meat products, German-style sausages, local flavour sausages and all kinds of processed meats. In 2016, Master Butcher, Matthias Orth joins the swiss butchery family and has since created four signature hams – Cinnamon Ham, Juniper Ham, Porcini Ham, and Walnut Ham which is sold exclusively during the festive periods. 


Mr. Paul Sailor , Master Butcher (Germany)

Paul Sailor joined the Swiss Butchery family in 2014 and has since became a master in dry aging beef. Paul Sailor created the signature "Crackling Pork Belly" which is being loved by many till today. “Dry-aging for beef lovers is like another level of loving your beef,” says Paul Sailor, master butcher of Swiss Butchery.


Mr. Leonhard Weber, Master Butcher (Germany)

Leonhard Weber join the Swiss Butchery family in 2012 and is master in small goods production. Weber originated from germany and has 40 years of experience behind him.  


Mr. Greg Hughes, Lead Butcher (England) 

Greg Hughes joins the swiss butchery family back in 2008 and has since rose up the ranks to operations manager in 2013, taking helm in our flagship outlet at tanglin post office, Greg has a personality which customers looks forward to. Visit us at Swiss Butchery today !