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Brand Story

A Cut Above
Since opening as one of Singapore’s pioneering premium butchers in 1994, Swiss Butchery has become known not only for the freshness and variety of gourmet delicacies we bring in from around the world, but also for the thoughtful, heartfelt advice of our highly experienced and passionate team of butchers.
It is this genuine spirit of service and dedication that has made Swiss Butchery the trusted choice for those looking to serve the finest food for their loved ones. Be it premium Wagyu beef or delectable sausages made with time-honoured recipes, every product is prepared to order, along with a generous helping of advice on how to serve it at home, and even how to complement it with wines, cheeses, or seafood, to roll out a feast for two or a hearty fiesta for the whole family. 
We nurture and inspire relationships through delicious food and good advice, for we know that the treasured ones deserve only the very best. This is why Swiss Butchery has always been a cut above.
The Next Level of Freshness
Taking our offerings to the next level, Swiss Butchery is proud to bring to you Frisch - a range of the freshest and finest seafood for your enjoyment with your loved ones.
Prepared with the same level of care and craftsmanship that we have applied for years to our premium meat and sausages, Frisch is harvest responsibly, transported and stored in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure freshness.
With years of experience at every stage of the supply chain from the oceans to the store, our seafood exports pay particular attention to origination and traceability, texture and colours to ensure that you enjoy only the best. 
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